Midland Mirror Archive

The very first edition of the Midland Mirror, published in October 1932, just after Midland opened its doors in September, outlined the newspaper’s purpose, writing, “Out of the most necessary features of any institution — educational or otherwise — is a record or history of that institution. … The activities of those who are here now will do much to determine the future course of events in this school.”

Through the years, the Mirror has taken on various forms and frequencies, but the heart and mission has remained the same, allowing students to take ownership over telling the stories of everything from school dances (check out the first-ever Midland dance in the December 1932) to the shift from all-boys to co-ed (the May 1977 Graduation issue is dedicated to co-education), Grass Mountain Days to our conservation easement (December 2008).

We are grateful to David Levasheff, who lovingly spent fourteen years creating this digital archive of Midland Mirrors, and to all those who contributed to the Mirror over the years. We hope you’ll enjoy exploring Midland’s history.

Access to the archive is limited to folks who know the answer to this very Midland question.

Which Midland classroom has only three walls?